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horse his hardest job is to give him the first touch
of man's hand, of which the horse seems to have a
deathly fear. He manoeuvres for several minutes
before he gets a finger on the struggling nose,
and rubs it and allows the horse to get his smell or
scent. When this has been done, the brave loops
a long, narrow string of rawhide around the
horse's nose and then carries it up behind his ears
and brings it down on the other side and slips it
under the other side of the nose loop, making
something like a loose-knotted halter,, which
will tighten up on the slightest pull from the

This string is no stronger than a shoe-lace, yet,
once the warrior has put it on the horse's head, he
tells the other men to let go the strong rawhide
thong, and from then on he alone handles the
horse with the small piece of string held lightly
in one hand. The secret of this is that whenever
the horse makes a sudden pull on the string it
grips certain nerves around the nose and back of
the ears, and this either stuns him or hurts him so
badly that he doesn't try to pull again.

With the horse held thus, the warrior now
stands in front of him and strokes the front of his
face and hisses at him at close range. It is the
same noise that a person makes to drive away
chickens—cshuh, shuh5—and perhaps the last
sound an untrained person would venture to use